The Hans Christian Andersen Center

Dato: 14. maj 1870
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: George Bell
Sprog: dansk, engelsk.

Copenhagen 17 Mai 1871 [fejlskrivning for 1870]

Messrs Bell and Daldy, London.

My dear Sirs!

I thank you most cordially for your friendly attention of sending me by mail, one book of "Fairy Tales and Sketches" as also one of "Andersen's tales for children". Both are so well translated, richly equipped that it has caused me great pleasure to see these editions and through your attention towards me to get possession of them.

May the Editors have advantage and joy of these tales and may / you maintain your friendly disposition towards the poet.

May it please God that I ever again come to London, I belive and know that you will receive me with a friendly feeling and mind.

Yours very truly,

Hans Christian Andersen.

Tekst fra: Solveig Brunholm (Microfilmscan 13, 99-100)

Kjbenhavn 14 Mai 1870.

Meget rede Herrer Bell & Daldy

Paa det hjerteligste takker jeg Dem for Deres venlige Opmrksomhed at sende mig per Post et Exemplar af "Fairy tales and Scetches" som og af "Andersens tales for children", begge ere saa vel gjengivne, saa rigt udstyrede at det har ret gldet mig at see disse Udgaver og med Deres Opmrksomhed for mig forunde mig disse i Eie. Gid Forlaget faae Gavn og Glde af disse Digtninger og at de Herrer Forlggere bevare deres venlige Sind for Digteren. Vil Gud at jeg endnu engang kommer til London, da troer og veed jeg, at De med venligt Sind vil modtage Deres meget hengivne

H. C. A.

Tekst fra: Solveig Brunholm (microfilmscan 13, 97)