Dato: 8. december 1872
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: Edmund W. Gosse
Sprog: engelsk.

Copenhagen 8th of Decbr 1872.

Dear Sir!

It caused me a great joy to receive your cordial letter and your kind notice in the "Spectator" of "The story of my life."

Immediately afterwards I sickened, now seven weeks have passed and my heart has been full af not having sent you my thanks. Even today I am obliged to ask one of my friends to write down what I dictate to him. For the first time I feel to-day a litlle better, being so glad over the great sympathy shown to meduring my sickness, from the royal family to the poorest situated man.

My newest tales have been received with extraordinary sympathy and great acknowledgement.

I send you a copy in cross-band and shall be happy to hear that you also have found them fresh and of some import.

I remain Yours truly,

Hans Christian Andersen.

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