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Brev fra Charles Dickens til H.C. Andersen 30. juli 1847

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Dato: 30. juli 1847
Fra: Charles Dickens   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Victoria Hotel, Euston Square. Friday Night Thirtieth August 1847. [skal være 30. Juli]

My dear Sir.

Returning to town this evening from Liverpool, four and twenty hours later than I had expected, I am sorry to find that my tenant, having some opposition to his election in Scotland (for he is a Member ofParliament) has gone out of town hurriedly, and entreated me to allow him to remain in occupation of my house a fortnight longer. In addition to this vexatious circumstance, a lady who came back with us has been taken in here, and there is great confusion and distress in consequence: the hotel being very full.

I write this hasty note to express my regret that I find myself, thus unexpectedly, without a house and home to receive you in on Sunday Morning, and am forced - sorely against my will- to postpone the pleasure af seeing you as my guest, until your next visit to London. I will do myself the pleasure of calling on you tomorrow at about 2 o'clock, to express my regret in person, and bring you those books which you made me happy by saying would be acceptable to you.

My Dear Sir I am always, with admiration and regards,

Faithfully yours

Charles Dickens

Hans Andersen Esquire

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