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Brev fra Richard Bentley til H.C. Andersen 17. oktober 1848

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Dato: 17. oktober 1848
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. Oct. 17, 1848.

My dear Friend,

How can I express the gratification I feel at the great honor you have done me in dedicating to me your new and charming fiction The Two Baronesses! I receive it as another proof of the kindness of your heart and am not vain enough to think l merit this distinction because it has been my good fortune to pay some little attention to one whose genius I so sincerely admire.

Well, the book is now well before the public; and I am happy to inform you that it has been received with hearty welcome. It is not possible to convey in a letter an idea of the many flattering notices of your Work; nor can I send the newspapers from their bulk. Among the most important are the Athenæum, Lit. Gazette, Spectator, Sunday Times, Douglas Jerrold, Britannica, Weekly Dispatch, Mg. Herald.

I enclose a list of the copies sent by your direction.

You will be grieved with me - at the news of the death of our friend Mr. Hambro. I just knew him to feel that all who engaged his acquaintance must by his death have sustained a real loss.

The matter of business is completed by me by having this day in the hands of Messrs Hambro my note at 6 months in your favor for £200 for the copyright. There will go with it an agreement [Brev] for this book, which I will thank you to sign and return to me, that I may be enabled to prosecute any pirate of The Two Baronesses. Three copies of the Work go with this. God bless you!

I have no time to add more for this packet leaves tomorrow and I must dispatch this.

yours sincerely attached friend

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