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Brev fra Horace E. Scudder til H.C. Andersen 14. november 1862

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Dato: 14. november 1862
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New York 14 Nov. 1862


My Good Sir:

I took the liberty of sending you last March a copy of the National Quarterly Review of this city for Sep 1861 containing an article by me upon your published fairy-tales; and by the same mail a letter explaining my reasons for so doing. Will you permit me again to address you upon the occasion of the publication of a volume of my own stories which l send to you with this.

l would not now so far presume on your kindness il it were not for the very fond interest with which l regard all your writing and you through them and because this little book of mine is to some degree inspired by your inimitable Märchen. l have not tried to copy your tales because l know that the disciple to be as his master must study rather the sources of his master's inspiration than his master' s works themselves. The more l read your stories the more do l feel the :fidelity and open-heartedness with which you have listened to Nature. l also have tried to catch the sounds of the same voice and if in my phraseology l have caught anything of your manner, it is because the indescribable air with which you say some things becomes through memory a part of my own apprehension of similar phases of life.

I owe so much to you - so much first of real enjoyment in your works and then so much of insight into nature and art that l cannot help writing you to express my gratitude. Accept then this little offering from one of your scholars. Would it were worthier of its author' s master! In the same spirit of childhood which seems to possess your mind l also have tried-through my Seven Little People and Their Friends - to speak to all children in soul whether children in years or not. l trust that you will find something to like in the book and at any rate be assured that it carries to you a Christmas thank-offering from one of your American friends - one among many indeed! You have made our Christmas fires burn brighter - l wish that l might make Andersen' s Christmas Tree bear one more flower this year.

I am, dear Herr Andersen, with warmest regards

your friend


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