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Brev fra Horace E. Scudder til H.C. Andersen 27. august 1869

Hop forbi menu og nyheder

Dato: 27. august 1869
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Boston;, U.S.A.

27 August 1869

My dear Friend:

It is with very great regret that I am able only to write a line at this moment to assure you of the safe arrival of your two stories;, the one translated by Miss Raaslöff and the one sent in Danish "Chicken-Grethe's Family." I am not sure but I have already acknowledged the former. It was a great pleasure to me to receive them, and I will write more fully as soon as I return from a little journey to the mountains, where I am just setting out. The translation of the latter story has been done by one of my most accomplished translators, the sculptor Kuntze, and I shall myself revise it with great care.Let me thank you warmly for the Illustrated News; which I received a few days since, containing complete the articles on your genius. I shall read them as well as my knowledge of Danish will permit, & with real pleasure, for I myself once had the honour of reviewing your works in the National Quarterly Review of New York; & saw afterward some comments upon it in Dagbladet of Copenhagen.

In my next I hope to send an honorarium for these two last stories & also notify you of the sending of your copies of Improvisatore & The Two Baronesses. Improvisatore is to be issued to-morrow.

Let me say here that I shall publish the "Thistle"-story in my October No. It came too late for September. "Chicken-Grethe's Family" will appear in November. It would be charming if we could have a Christmas story from your pen for our December or January number. Your publishers would send their cordial greeting if I were by them. Accept also that of my family & my own hearty regards.

Most truly yours


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