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Brev fra Horace E. Scudder til H.C. Andersen 9. august 1872

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Dato: 9. august 1872
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 9 August 1872

My dear and honoured Friend

I am distressed to find that your letter of June 9th has lain so long a time on my desk unanswered. I expected when I received it to be able in a few days to send you our half yearly statement of copyright, but the matter has necessarily been delayed. I send now the statement together with a draft on Brown, Shipley & Co. of London for 23 £ sterling in settlement. Your story of "the Gardener and the Manor" appeared in the August number of Scribnel s Monthly, as you have no doubt already seen. My eyes troubled me so much after I received the story from you that I could not tax them by the translation, and accordingly gave it out to be done, afterward revising it myself. Now I am in better condition and shall gladly translate your next story which I hope may come soon.

We are having a very warm summer, but that we expect in America. Still the autumn is drawing on and people begin to think of Christmas. Christmas ought to mean also a new story of Andersen' s and I hope it may be so this year.

If you see Mr. Robert Watt, pray give him my cordial greeting. I have a pleasant letter from him which I hope to answer shortly. Mr. Longfellow I saw lately at his house. Re was very well and just going to his sea-side cottage at Nahant where he remains during the hot weather.

Always, dear Mr. Andersen,

your grateful friend


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