Dato: 14. marts 1873
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 14 March 1873


My dear & Honoured friend

I was heartily glad to receive your kind letter of January 21, as it told me that you were recovering from the illness which the newspapers had already reported you to be suffering. I sincerely trust that your recovery is to sound enjoyable health.

I should have answered the letter more promptly but I was daily expecting to enclose a draft on London in payment of the copyright due you for the sales of your books the past six months. I now have the draft and enclose it with statement of copyright a/c. The draft is upon Messrs. Brown Shipley & Co. London for [£] 21/4/10. You will see by the statement the comparative sale of your books. I am sorry it is not greater, both for your sake who are entitled to the compensation, & for the sake of the public who are missing the opportunity of so much excellent reading.

The story «The Flea & the Professor" will appear in the next number of Scribner’s Monthly, and I am making provision for the publishing of the other stories. When they appear I will send you copies of the papers containing them.

The winter with us is nearly over. It has been a long and severe one, with fire and cold. The burning of so large a portion of Boston was a great disaster and we are recovering from the losses but slowly. Then the snow has been on the ground, appearing and disappearing in a disagreeable fashion, so that we are all heartily glad the "Spring comes riding to town."

I am sorry that we cannot yet send you copies of the corrected edition of The Story of My Life. Until we have exhausted the supply on hand we cannot print the new edition with corrections, but as soon as we have done this we will send [it] to you.

Let me hope that you are now well. Y our publishers desire to send their sympathy with you for your illness and their sincere regards.

Ever truly and respectfully yours,


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