Dato: 16. juni 1857
Fra: Anne S Bushby   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

3 Halkin Street, Grosvenor Place.

Tuesday Morng. 16th June.

My dear Mr. Andersen,

I am extremely sorry not to have had the p1easure of seeing you this morning, and shall be dreadfully disappointed if you leave England without my having the great pleasure of meeting you. My servant tells me that you said you were going to' be in town for a few days. I hope he was correct in this, if so - will you favor. us with your company on Saturday Evening, the 20th inst. at 9 o'clock, or, on Monday the 22nd at the same hour? I name 2 evenings in the hope that you may be disengaged on one of them. I regret much I cannot say an earlier evening, as I have engagements up to Saturday.

On Thursday the 18th (the day after tomorrow) there is to be a Flower-fete at the Botanical Gardens, Regents Park, and I have a ticket of admission for you, if you are inclined to go with us to it. All foreigners should see one of the Fetes at the Botanical Gardens, as they are much admired. If you will accompany us, we shall call at Tavistock House for you, or any place you please to appoint, at 1/4 past 4 o'clock, the hour people generally go to these gardens. Do you feel inclined to go to a London ball tonight? We are engaged to one in Westbourne Terrace, and I am sure the family will be delighted to see you, if you will accompany us. Should you fed disposed to go, pray be here at half past 10 o'clock.

I am much obliged by the letter I had lately the pleasure of receiving from you, from Copenhagen. In regard to your charming work - "To be or not to be", I can only say that every one who has any intellect, taste, or feeling must admire it extremely. It is a very uncommon work, with a lofty purpose, and with your poetical

[slutningen af brevet mangler.]

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