Dato: 23. februar 1875
Fra: Kate Wood   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Dear Sir,

I was reading the article in the Magazine Temple Bar - entitled Hans Christian Andersen, when my two little children Mary and Lily exclaimed, "Now let us write to "Dear Hans Andersen" and thank him for his beautiful stories." As they are writing I must enclose a few lines, apologizing a stranger for thus addressing you but to offer also my thanks for your charming stories and to say, many mothers like I myself have thanked and blessed you for the holy lessons, and examples you have taught, and the good seed your beautiful stories have implanted in the hearts of our little ones.

Your name is indeed in England "a household word". I was truly grieved to hear of your illness and trust yaur health is restored.

May you long be spared, honored and revered, to near and dear to you - and to that world of Literature your writings have so long graced.

I am, Dear Sir, An English Mother,

Kate Wood.

Maryon Road, Charlton, Kent, England.

February 23rd 1875.

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