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Brev fra Grace Hopkins til H.C. Andersen 1874

Hop forbi menu og nyheder

Dato: 1874
Fra: Grace Hopkins   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Oak Hill, Hampstead, London, N. W. England.

Dear Mr. Hans Andersen

I have dared to write to you because I know from your books how kind and good you are. I wanted to tell you how I love your writings and to thank you for them. The "Improvisatore" is the most beautiful book I have ever read or ever shall read. And I think the "True Story of My Life" is like a most lovely fairy story and how glad I was of your triumphs and succes ses I cannot tell you, nor how sorry I was for all your troubles before you became famous. I liked particularly "Only a Fiddler" because my greatest wish is to become a composer and pianiste; and because of "Only a Fiddler" I am saving up littIe by little money to give the poor musicians and I am determined if ever I have a chance to help as much as I possibly can any poor musician in memory of you. I feel sure that your writings have done more good in the world than you will ever know here. I am really very very sad because I have seen in a Newspaper how ill you are, and so I write now in case I may not be able to afterwards. But I hope you are not suffering much. I fear you will think it very presumptuous of a little girl totally unknown to you, to write to so great a man as you, but please forgive it. I do not know how to address this letter to you but I shall put your name, and Copenhagen, Denmark and as you are so well known I trust it may reach you.

I used to pray that I might one day see you but I fear there is no hope of that now, so I shall pray that I may see you and thank you in Heaven. Y ou will not know me but I shall know your face.

Thank you once more for all the happiness you have given me and I am sure many other English people besides, by your glorious works.

Grace Hopkins.

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