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Brev fra Charles Boner til H.C. Andersen Marts 1847

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Dato: Marts 1847
Fra: Charles Boner   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

[Charles Boner sendte et eksemplar af "the Nightingale and other Tales" og "The Shoes of Fortune and other tales"; Kun den sidste del af brevet er bevaret:]

... part of your "Bilderbuch ohne Bilder" and the whole to be illustrated by my friend Pocci. If you would let me have a "Märchen" that has not yeet appeared, to grace my book, I should be very grateful. The book will, I think, be very successful; for it will be superior in every respect to the generality of books published for the young.

Your own account of your life I have read, and I can assure your, with much emotion.

To Professor Wolff I have sent 2 volumes for you; in the second you will find the "Fir Tree", and "The Snow Queen", but "The Shadow" i have never yet seen. Where is it to be had?

I write in English, because I belive you understand it sufficiently well; if you like, however, I can write in future in German. Now Farewell: Let me soon hear from you, and Believe me always

Faithfully and very sincerely, Yours,

Charles Boner

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