Dato: 30. november 1851
Fra: William Hurton   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Edinburgh, Nov. 30th, 1851. (Address to Castle Gate, Newark.)

My dear Andersen!

I was indeed delighted to receive your letter, and to learn that my poor book has given you pleasure. Be assured that whatever I have said of you in it, is sincere and from the heart.

I most cordially reciprocate your aspiration to become better acquainted, and I trust that I shall live to revisit gamle Danmark, and shake you by the hand.

I duly received a copy of your "Pictures of Sweden" from Mr Bentley, and I have read every word of it several times over. Some of your pictures in it are not quite worthy of you, but others are truly exquisite, and such as no other man than Hans Andersen could have written. I especially am delighted with the chapters headed - "Grandmother" - "A Story" - "The Mute Book" - "Festival in Lacksand" - "Faith and Knowledge" - "In the Forest" - "What the Straws said" - "The Swine".

The English Press has unanimously spoken in high terms of your work. I myself reviewed in "Daily Mail" and "Hogg's Instructor", and sent Mr. Beckwith copies, which he can show you.

I was quite shocked to hear that the "Prindsesse Caroline", and all her crew, are lost. Poor Momme! poor ship! poor crew!

I enclose a tale, by me, published this day in "Chambers's Edinburgh Journal", entitled "Thorvaldsen's first love!" (Could you give me autographs of Thorvaldsen and Oehlenschlæger? I should like very much to possess them - but not, of course, unless you happen to have any to spare.)

Most heartily wishing you health, and happiness - and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (as we say in England) - believe me your warmly attached friend

Wm. Hurton.

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