About the Center and this website
H.C. Andersen-centret ved Syddansk Universitet. Hjemmesiden er en base for forskning, tekster og information om og af H.C. Andersen. Man kan finde materialer om (nøgleordene) eventyr, forfatter, litteratur, børnelitteratur, børnebøger, undervisning, studie, Victor Borge, HC Andersen, H. C. Andersen, liv, værk, tidstavle og biografi, citater, drømme, FAQ, oversættelse, bibliografi, anmeldelser, quiz, børnetegninger, 2005 og manuskripter
The Hans Christian Andersen Center

About the Center and this website

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On the pages in this department there is information about who we are at the Hans Christian Andersen Center, how to contact us, the center's functions (partners, visiting scholars and students, grants and facilities), publications and conferences, seminars and projects.

About the center

C.A. Jensen's portrait of Hans Christian Andersen 1836

As a unit at the University of Southern Denmark (map Open this link in the window 'new'), our center specializes in research and information on matters related to Hans Christian Andersen. The centre was established in 1988.

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875), the world-famous Danish author, whose work has been translated into almost 150 languages, was born in Odense - then Denmark´s second largest town, today the third largest. The first 14 years of his life were spent in this town, which provided him with subject matter for several of his fairy-tales, as well as for parts of novels, memoirs and plays. For this reason, the Hans Christian Andersen Center is ideally located at the University of Southern Denmark. In Odense you will also find the museums Hans Christian Andersen´s House and Hans Christian Andersen´s Childhood Home.

The extensive interest for Hans Christian Andersen, not only within Denmark but also internationally, encompasses both the man and the writer: His fairy-tales (210 in total), autobiographies (3), travel journals (5), novels (6) etc., his personal connections with the arts, music and theatre of the time, and not least Andersen as a point of departure today regarding children´s reading and drawing, illustrators, puppet films, cartoons, movies, stage productions, ballets, operas etc. Also significant is the use of Hans Christian Andersen in the tourist industry.

About the website

Texts, material and information, as well as bibliographical, historical and current references are available at the Hans Christian Andersen Center Web Site for a variety of users, who differ widely regarding culture, nationality and interest. Researchers, whether interested in Andersen as a writer for adults, for children or Andersen as a culture-historical phenomenon, will be able to gather facts, inspiration and current information here, as will creative adaptors of HCA and those having a general interest.

The Hans Christian Andersen Center Web Site is a pivotal point for the use of and information flow concerning Hans Christian Andersen.