The motif Faith in Providence in HCA : The Porter's Son (1866)
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The motif Faith in Providence in HCA : The Porter's Son (1866)

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Faith, divine Providence, fate

Description of this motif: Providence is Gods knowledge about and interfering with the course of events among the living. Faith in Providence is trusting that God or a guardian angel helps one through difficult situations and hard times and helps one make the right decisions.

Example 1:

"Listen, my friend," he said. "Let's have a little talk together. Our Lord has favored you with good talent; now He's favoring you with good friends. The old Count in the corner house has spoken to me about you. (...)"

Example 2:

There is a power, an unspeakable power, granted to a man by a few drops of grace from above – the grace of kings, the grace of God – and both of these were granted to little George.

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