Life and Works. A Timetable 1805-1875
H.C. Andersen-centret ved Syddansk Universitet. Hjemmesiden er en base for forskning, tekster og information om og af H.C. Andersen. Man kan finde materialer om (nøgleordene) eventyr, forfatter, litteratur, børnelitteratur, børnebøger, undervisning, studie, Victor Borge, HC Andersen, H. C. Andersen, liv, værk, tidstavle og biografi, citater, drømme, FAQ, oversættelse, bibliografi, anmeldelser, quiz, børnetegninger, 2005 og manuskripter
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Life and Works. A Timetable 1805-1875

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The book H.C. Andersens liv. Dag for dag ('The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day')

The timetable is a translation of the book H.C. Andersens liv. Dag for dag ("The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", 310 pages with registers of persons and of subjects, Copenhagen 1998), which is a revised and extended edition of H.C. Andersen – liv og værk. En tidstavle 1805-1875 ("Hans Christian Andersen - Life and Works. A Timetable 1805-1875", Copenhagen 1993). The books have not been published in print in english and are only available in english on this homepage.

The timetable is a cronologically structured biography and is focused on the facts. The intention of this focus is to create a good reference book and avoid story-telling. A story-telling biography follows certain tracks and often leaves out information in order to tell the story as entertaining as possible.

Photograph of Hans Christian Andersen taken by Franz Hanfstaengl in Munich, Germany, on july 10 1860

The reason for going into detail with the life of Hans Christian Andersen to this extent is partly our audience – we are beeing asked quite a few questions and often use the timetable ourselves when finding answers – partly to enlighten the relationship between the man and the writer Andersen, which is more intimate and of greater relevance than it is the case with maybe any other writer.

You can click your way through the timetable via the index of years or the subject index, and you may search it: