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Titles in English (Jean Hersholt) are found in The Complete Andersen (fairy tale collection), 1949. Translated by Jean Hersholt.

Bibliographic information about The Complete Andersen

The Complete Andersen, I-VI. All of the 168 stories by Hans Christian Andersen (some never before translated into English, and a few never before published) now freshly translated [..] by JEAN HERSHOLT with an Appendix containing the unpublished tales, a Chronological Listing, an Index, and the Notes, and with hand-colored illustrations by FRITZ KREDEL. The Limited Editions Club, New York. [6], xxii, 1-184; [12], 185-430; [6], vi, 1-222; [6], vi, 223-445; [10], 1-195; [10], 197-298, liv pp.
Indledning af JH, Denmark's Ugly Duckling, I pp. ix-xx; efterskrift af JH VI pp. iii-v; noter VI pp. xv-xlvii; kolofon VI p. liv. - I-II: The Longer Stories; III-IV: The Shorter Tales. V-VI: The Fairy Tales. Anm.: Lewis Gannett, Amerikansk Avis,. Marvin Lowenthal, The New York Herald Tribune, Decembeer 26, 1948! - Pny udgivet, i t bd., 1952 (nr. 1399 ndf.). Ogs i tre bind (iflg. oplysning fra Erik Dal). Jean Hersholt introduces: New Tales from an Old Master, The Evening Post, 25 April 1949.

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(Source: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1875-1968 (page in Danish), record no. 1286)

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