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H.C. Andersen-centret ved Syddansk Universitet. Hjemmesiden er en base for forskning, tekster og information om og af H.C. Andersen. Man kan finde materialer om (nøgleordene) eventyr, forfatter, litteratur, børnelitteratur, børnebøger, undervisning, studie, Victor Borge, HC Andersen, H. C. Andersen, liv, værk, tidstavle og biografi, citater, drømme, FAQ, oversættelse, bibliografi, anmeldelser, quiz, børnetegninger, 2005 og manuskripter
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The Timetable Year By Year

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From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Certificate of Education/Graduation

1828: Certificate of Education/Graduation


Gets acquainted with the O'Neill brothers, who he visits during his trip to Portugal in 1866:

"By the way, as luck would have it, a cruel arrow has struck me right in the heart. The little Portuguese is to blame, and I have fallen dreadfully in love with his eyes and the rest of his little person. [It must be the 8 year-old Carlos O'Neill]. The eldest seems a little too serious and silent, but of late I like him far more, as he so kindly approached me and showed me some Italian and Portuguese opera texts; otherwise we did not talk much, for a number of reasons"
(letter to Henriette Wulff dated 14th August).

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