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Emphasized in this list: Et Brev fra Etatsraad H. C. Andersen til Udgiveren [Danish].

No.TitleGenreDate Language
180 The Court Cards Fairy tale January 1869 English
722 I Jurabjergene [Danish] Travelogue January 1869 Danish
2282 [Danish] Poems January 1869 Danish
181 Luck May Lie in a Pin Fairy tale April 1869 English
2283 [Danish] Poems 9 May 1869 Danish
182 Sunshine Stories Fairy tale May 1869 English
183 The Comet Fairy tale June 1869 English
2284 [Danish] Poems 28 July 1869 Danish
184 What One Can Invent Fairy tale July 1869 English
2285 [Danish] Poems September 1869 Danish
185 What Happened to the Thistle Fairy tale October 1869 English
1133 Et Brev fra Etatsraad H. C. Andersen til Udgiveren [Danish] Papers, articles, letters and other writings November 1869 Danish
332 Tre nye Eventyr og Historier. 1870. [Danish] Fairy tale collection 17 December 1869 Danish
186 Chicken Grethe's Family Fairy tale December 1869 English