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"Hjertets melodier V (Henvisned' er de blomster du mig gav)" [Danish title] is number 1620 in the Hans Christian Andersen Center's register of Andersen's literary works, i.e. no. 120 in the category poems (the range 1501 - 2900). BFN 135.

"Hjertets melodier V (Henvisned' er de blomster du mig gav)" [Danish title] was first published 10 January 1831, cf. the bibliographic description (in Danish) in : Digterens danske Vrker 1822-1875, number in bibliography: 135:

5. (Henvisned er de Blomster Du mig gav)p. 115

(Saml. Skr. XII. 67).

The work was published as a part of Hjertets Melodier [Danish title]. (Number 1402. Category/genre: Cycles of poems).

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In modern Danish on p. 160 in Johan de Mylius (editor): H.C. Andersen. Samlede digte ('Collected poems', Copenhagen, 2000).

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