"Uden Haab. (Solen alt synker, Bølgerne gaae)." [Danish title] is number 2263 in the Hans Christian Andersen Center's register of Andersen's literary works, i.e. no. 763 in the category poems (the range 1501 - 2900). BFN 928.

"Uden Haab. (Solen alt synker, Bølgerne gaae)." [Danish title] was first published 7 April 1867.

Bibliographic description of the first publication containing this work, quoted from the Danish bibliography Digterens danske Værker 1822-1875, number in bibliography: 928:

Uden Haab. (Solen alt synker, Bølgerne gaae).

Trykt i Fiona. Ugeblad for underholdende Læsning. Redigeret af N. Pedersen. Udgivet af C. Tiedje i Odense. Nr. 15, 7. 4. 1867, 119.

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