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"What the Whole Family Said" is number 187 in the Hans Christian Andersen Center's register of Andersen's literary works, i.e. no. 187 in the category fairy tale (the range 1 - 300).

"What the Whole Family Said" was first published in English 1 July 1870, cf. the bibliographic description (in Danish) in : H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser:

What the Whole Family Said

Eventyret "Hvad hele Familien sagde" tryktes frste gang p engelsk under titlen "What the Whole Family Said" i "Good Words for the Young", 1. juli 1870 (iflg. Elias Bredsdorff: H.C. Andersen og England (1954), pp. 622-23). Udkom p dansk september 1870.

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The first Danish edition (September 1870): Hvad den hele Familie sagde. Af H. C. Andersen.

The work was published later (30 March 1872) as a part of Nye Eventyr og Historier. Tredie Rkke. Ny [frste] Samling. 1872 [Danish title]. (Number 335. BFN 1017. Category/genre: Fairy tale collection).

The work was published later (20 December 1874) as a part of Eventyr og Historier. Femte Bind. 1874 [Danish title]. (Number 337. BFN 1039. Category/genre: Fairy tale collection).

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